Can you use tried and true home remedies for the Corona virus?

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The corona virus is present, drugs and vaccinations have not yet been validly tested and, at best, in development. While politics restricts our freedoms, decides more or less effective measures and is advised by medical and pharmaceutical industries, the question arises: "What do we do in the meantime?” Without questioning the opinion of experts such as epidemiologists, virologists, politicians and denying the dangerousness of Covid 19: could a tried and tested home remedy restrict the spread and protect it from infection?

Apart from the course of infection and late effects - the coronavirus first settles in the throat (13% of those affected have pharyngeal infections) and affects the deeper airways in the further possible course of the disease. With symptoms such as fever, cough, loss of taste, there is a smear in the throat area with each test. You could prevent and protect right there!

An old home remedy for sore throat is gargling with olive oil. You have to differentiate between "pulling oil" and "gargling oil"! The oil disinfects gums and mouth. Gargling oil, as you do with mouthwash (by placing your head back), penetrates the throat area. The gurgling with oil slows down the bottlenecks and an oil-air mixture is created, which can also be inhaled (after gargling) into the airways. The irritated areas would thus be covered with a protected oil film.

The reverse effect would potentially limit the spread of the virus because it could be blocked by the oil film.
Basically: we are talking about "grandma's home remedies" and not about medically proven therapies !!! In order to evaluate the really measurable success of oil gargling, empirical studies would have to be carried out.

The following questions can be asked:

  1. How many infections or disease courses would be contained if one Test group gargles oil every eight hours?
  2. Does the risk of infection for hospital staff decrease as a percentage if they regularly gargle oil?
  3. How does the throat develop in a patient in the hospital if he gargles oil every 8 hours and what is the course of the disease after 1-14 days.

My opinion:
Of course, these examinations are currently not yet feasible and the healthcare system is primarily concerned with intensive care beds, ventilators, medication and vaccine. But one thing is certain for me: Grandma's home remedies are not bad per se! I personally give the oil gargle (see personal experience report) a chance, side effects are not known to me. For pharmaceutical products, I should always ask the doctor or pharmacist. If you can still reach your doctor by phone: please check my lay considerations! I would be grateful for any medically qualified feedback!

Jan Juhnke

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